dr-tammy-van-fleetTammy Van Fleet, PhD., BCBA-D, CBIS

Dr. Tammy Van Fleet is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with exceptional knowledge and experience in the field of behavior analysis. Over the course of the past decade, Tammy has put together a complex, unique skill set to make her an ideal candidate to service children, train individuals and families, and prepare members of professional institutions in the area of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Tammy has extensive experience in the classroom, both as a special education teacher and teacher trainer, as well as experience as a behavior consultant. Her education spans from liberal studies as an undergraduate, to special education for her master’s degree, and most recently the field of Applied Behavior Analysis for her doctoral work. She has presented at a number of professional trainings, authored and delivered several lectures, taught as an adjunct professor, and collaborated with a number families and caregivers.

Tammy’s abilities are not confined to any one venue, rather they extend into a myriad of environments where she provides essential wisdom and insight. In turn, Tammy approaches each new situation as an opportunity to expand her own knowledge and to add to her professional repertoire. Most importantly, though, Tammy is passionate about helping families, individuals, and professionals in whatever way best suits their needs.