Functional Assessments

Behavior Insights, Inc. provides a unique level of assessment that determines appropriate educational programs. Professional behavior analysts conduct a thorough assessment to determine why an individual may be engaging in certain behaviors that are inhibiting them from accessing information in their educational setting.

Every assessment Dr. Van Fleet completes for us has been very informative and has helped the school team implement successful strategies to help the children in our district.

—Ventura, CA

Functional assessment also evaluates these environments to determine what may support and what may detract from the individual’s ability to be successful. Here at Behavior Insights, Inc. we understand what it takes to evaluate and implement appropriate programs to help individuals reach their greatest potential.

Functional Assessment Process

A series of direct observations of the individual will be done in a variety of environments. Interviews of parents, teachers, support staff, and any other important individuals will also be conducted. This will ensure that information from all sources will be considered within the assessment and recommendation process. Once this step of the process is complete, all information will be compiled and recommendations will be made.

Some of this information will include the following:

  1. A current functioning level of the individual, which is sometimes called the “baseline.” This information helps establish the current strengths of the individual, as well as certain areas of need.
  2. What factors may be contributing to the disruptive or interfering behaviors.
  3. The replacement or alternative skills that need to be taught so the individual can be successful.
  4. The ideal environmental supports and materials that need to be in place in order for the individual to access their environment successfully.
  5. The most appropriate means to measure the progress of an individual once the recommendations are implemented.

We look forward to assisting and providing all the necessary information to help make our clients successful.