Tammy Van Fleet was brought in to set up an ABA program and she forever changed our son’s life, and gave us our lives back.

—Parents, Calabasas, CA

Many children with behavioral issues need services that require the insight and skill of an experienced professional. Dr. Van Fleet provides direct and personal services for children in need. She works directly with your child, utilizing research-based techniques that develop the necessary skills to become a more independent individual. Toilet training, limited food interest, tantrums, following directions, bedtime routines, sibling relationships, community safety, self-help skills, organization, and coping skills are just some of the many issues that we address in our programs. Our services are pertinent to the individual needs of your child and offer many positive outcomes, often emerging shortly after services are initiated.

Dr. Van Fleet prides herself in providing state of the art behavior intervention services to individuals who are seeking help in a variety of areas. Research-based techniques are utilized in a therapeutic setting to help children, teenagers and adults reach solutions that will help enhance their life. Whether it is overcoming personal challenges, seeking to improve yourself, or just simply trying to better understand yourself, Dr. Van Fleet is a skilled behavior analyst that can assist you in this process. She takes a solution-based approach to the intervention process. This allows clients to feel like they are an active member of their own therapeutic endeavor.