Educational Therapy


Behavior Insights, Inc. now offers educational therapy and inclusion services to children who need additional assistance in the core academic areas. We specialize in intervention in reading fluency, comprehension skills, word attack skills, number sense, math fluency, and how to approach academic tasks confidently and efficiently. Behavior Insights, Inc. also helps children in areas like executive functioning, organizational skills, focus, and work habits. We pride ourselves in ensuring that we collaborate with other professionals who work with your child and your child’s school-based team. We look forward to helping your child be successful in all their academic endeavors. Below you will find the variety of educational services that we currently offer.

Educational Therapy

We provide 1:1 educational therapy services in our Encino office. Your child will work with a highly trained educational therapist in the area of presenting concern(s). The session will be highly individualized and tailored to meet your child's needs in a variety of academic ares including reading fluency, comprehension skills, work attack skills, number sense, and math fluency. Our educational therapist will also help identify any behavioral issues that may be impacting your child's success when it comes to presenting and completing academic tasks.

Inclusion Services

Behavior Insights, Inc. also offers specialized inclusion support for students who have an IEP and receive all their specialized services in a general education classroom. Our inclusion specialist works with the student, supporting teachers, instructional assistants, and any other important member of the IEP team in creating the most optimal inclusion-based model for the student. Our inclusion specialists are trained in the field of special education and have numerous years of experience working with students, families, and school-based team.

School-Based Consultation

Understanding your child's needs in a school-based setting can be complicated and overwhelming. Behavior Insights, Inc. provides a variety of services to help support parents and students in both private and public school settings. Our professionals thoroughly understand the 504 and IEP process and can help parents navigate that process. We are able to support families by providing classroom observations and making recommendations that may help give the school team the needed information to help your child further if they are in need. Behavior Insights, Inc. can also provide onsite training for school personnel and monitor a student's progress if it is determined to be beneficial.

We look forward to working and collaborating with all the essential key members of your child's team!

Behavior Insights
provides state of the art intervention services to children and young adults

Behavior Insights, Inc. offers highly trained behavior analysts who specialize in providing evidence-based services to children and young adults.  We have over a decade of success in teaching children, families and schools strategies and tools to help overcome behavioral challenges.

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