Individual Services


Behavior Insights, Inc. provides a variety of individual services where we provide direct services to children, young adults and their parents. These services are aimed at providing very individualized intervention in the identified area of concern while teaching the needed replacement skills. Behavior Insights, Inc. provides intervention services in both clinical and home settings. Below you will find the individual services that we currently offer.

Individual services

Many children and young adults present issues that require the insight and skill of an experienced behavior analyst.  Behavior Insights, Inc. provides these direct and personal services for children and young adults in need. Our staff works directly with your child and young adult, utilizing evidence-based techniques that develop the necessary skills to become a more independent and successful individual. Emotional regulation, anxiety treatment, obsessive and compulsive behaviors, attention and focus, school-based learning to learn skills, pro-social behavior, executive functioning skills, tantrums, following directions, bedtime routines, sibling relationships, self-help skills, and organization skills, are just some of the many issues that we address in our programs. Our services are pertinent to the individual needs of the child and young adult and offer many positive outcomes, often emerging shortly after services are initiated.

Parent training

Research postures the idea that parents of children who have behavioral issues must seek additional support in order to help their child achieve optimal success. Behavior Insights Inc. offers this unique, specialized support in a myriad of different ways. Observations in the home environment, parent meetings, and explicit instruction in behavior management techniques are just a few of the services that we provide for parents. All parent training services are provided by a qualified behavior analyst who specializes in teaching parents how to understand, manage, and further develop the behavioral growth and progress of their child. Our intervention services are designed to result in positive outcomes so that your child can feel and be more successful.

Behavior Insights
provides state of the art intervention services to children and young adults

Behavior Insights, Inc. offers highly trained behavior analysts who specialize in providing evidence-based services to children and young adults.  We have over a decade of success in teaching children, families and schools strategies and tools to help overcome behavioral challenges.

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